Call the domestic violence line

The NSW Department of Community Services runs the 24-hour Domestic
Violence Line (DV Line). If you are, or think you are, experiencing domestic
violence you can call them. Calls to the DV Line can be anonymous - you don’t
need to give your or your partner’s name.

Staff at the DV Line have had training in working with gay men and lesbians who
are experiencing domestic violence. The DV Line will focus on your (and your
children’s) safety.

The DV Line staff can help you:

  • Arrange accommodation in emergencies.
  • Explain what refuges are and refer you to an appropriate one. (Please note
    that domestic violence specific refuges exist for women and children only. Gay men may be able to access other emergency accommodation. Additionally, some women's refuges do not accept or provide services to pre-operative transwomen. Make sure you ask if the service is trans-friendly to avoid being turned away).
  • Refer you to other services like family support, counselling, the police, legal services,  court assistance schemes, hospitals and health centres.
  • Explain what an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is and how to apply for one.

To contact the DV Line call 1800 65 64 63. This number is free from public
phones and landlines. Calls from mobiles will be billed to your account and
will appear on your bill.