Information about LGBTIQ Domestic/Family Violence

Most LGBTIQ relationships are built on love and respect.

Some are built on abuse and control.

Abuse of power and control in a relationship is domestic violence.

This website is written for people in same-sex or LGBTIQ relationships who are or may be experiencing domestic violence. It contains information on what domestic violence is, what to do if you are experiencing abuse, tips for making a crisis plan and the details for some referral services in NSW.

It also has information for people supporting an LGBTIQ friend or family member who is experiencing abuse.

Most of the information on this website can be found in the downloadable Another Closet booklet.

If you would like a free copy of 'Another Closet' to be posted to you please email us on

Another Closet publications focus on domestic violence issues for people in same-sex and LGBTIQ relationships.

We recognise that sex and gender diverse people may experience intimate partner abuse in same or opposite sex relationships.

LGBTIQ people may have specific needs from support services and an understanding of the different structures of our families, relationships and the barriers to accessing support.

Specialist support services are needed to support LGBTIQ victims of domestic violence, and more research needs to be done into the experiences and needs of people of diverse sex, sexuality and gender.

Referrals for support organisations in NSW can be found in the links section of this site.  

"I became ashamed about being gay, about being sexually attractive and about having sexual desires. It was like going back in the closet"  (David, 27)