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Tales from the Other Side, presented by ACON 

Tales from the Other Side presents accessible and contemporary stories that reflect some of the many faces of DFV experienced by LGBTI people.  The video includes personal stories of DFV, challenges myths about DFV in LGBTI relationships, and identifies sources of support (formal and informal) accessed by interviewees.  The video also gives practical advice for support services.

Tales from the Other Side can be used in a training or team meeting context alongside training notes found here.

NSW Police Force encourage reports of domestic or family violence as soon as possible, further assistance is available through a Domestic Violence Liaison Officer or Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer at your local area command.  In an emergency call 000.

More information and resources

ACON’s Anti-Violence Project
Freecall 1800 063 060
Inner City Legal Centre’s Safe Relationships Project
Freecall 1800 244 481