Many branches of the RSPCA run the Safe Beds for Pets Program. Safe Beds for Pets provides low cost accommodation for pets whose owners are escaping an abusive relationship. You can contact the NSW RSPCA for more information (02) 9770 7555 or


BowMeow is a not-for-profit community group committed to helping people care for their pets. At the moment we are only located in the Leichhardt Municipality. We are supported by the Leichhardt Municipal Council.

Our services are FREE. We aim to help in two ways.

  • provide a group of volunteers who can take dogs for a walk, care for animals if the owner goes into hospital, or moves into a refuge or other accommodation, provide a ride to take pets to the vet or whatever help may be needed.

  • link older, retired people, with other people who would love someone to give their dog extra TLC when they are away at work - becoming a sort of pet 'grandparent'.

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